Since the website has been in action many friends have been sending us links of things they want to share of things that they think are "lovely" (keep doing this, we love it!). A friend recently hooked me up with Mod Cloth; she knows that I'm slightly obsessed with the retro-housewife look (think: Betty Draper) and boy, was she ever right in sending me this link!

These are some of my favorite retro-style dresses from Mod Cloth. Yes, they are a little pricey, but they are certainly lovely, and a new dress once in a while is innocuous, right?

Dress 1: Calendar Girl Dress
Dress 2: Jump and Jive Swing Dress
Dress 3: The Breathless Dress in Midnight
Dress 4: Floral Shop Dress in Peony
Dress 5: A Work of Art Dress
Dress 6: Afternoon Tea Dress

I also love, love, love this antique-y looking dress. And, of course, this pink dress tickles my fancy, but I can get almost the same dress here so much cheaper!

What's your favorite style retro dress?

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  1. I bought the "Afternoon Tea," also with Betty Draper in mind.