One of the loveliest things in life is people who have the courage and confidence to start their own business and see it through. We love finding independent stores and great finds that are run by amazing and intelligent people who love their art with such a devotion that they make it their business to create a connection with their readers/buyers and spread the word of their work. Laura, one of our Lovely West Coast Scouts, who finds local California based stores for us, introduced me to Amy Peters' Studio. Amy is a jewelry designer who creates an eclectic mix of whimsical, elegant, and totally unique jewelry that is perfect for any occasion.

Of course, you may have guessed that my favorite piece is her rings. They exude confidence, power, and still maintain a sense of demure femininity. These are a perfect gift for a friend who may be down on her luck, or having a difficult time (or maybe she helped you through a hard time). These rings seem to say, in their own quiet manner, "I believe in you." My absolute
favorite ring is the "Make time to smell the flowers" ring which comes with a stacking ring with the most delicate flower on it. Truly lovely.

One of the other truly unique things about Amy's jewelry website is that she groups her items by sentiment! Sometimes in life we want to get our loved ones a little love-token, even at the most rainy of days, and we're unsure of what to get to make them smile a little. Luckily, Amy provides us with a list of options, such as, determination, love, cheer up, death/loss, and congratulations.

Amy is a one-of-a-kind artist who should be lauded for her dedication to making her jewelry remain unique and beautiful. I bookmarked her website for the holidays; her gifts are definitely purchases that come straight from the heart.

PS. Check out her adorable "Fortune Cookie" collection!
PPS. Thank you, Amy, for the shout out on your website!