Last weekend a Lovely reader invited me to visit McLaughlin Vineyards in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. After leaving the main roads, you veer off into dirt paths, full of beautiful flowers, gorgeous trees, and little wooden walking paths; your car drifts right into the vineyards and as you drive to the main shop, you get to drive right through the vineyards that create the delicious wine. McLaughlin Vineyards doesn't simply sell wine; they have an adorable country store, full of beautiful dishes, deserts, American Vintage Wine Biscuits (which are tiny crackers with a huge and original flavor; mouth watering, to say the least), syrups, and of course, their signature wines (which were just as perfect as I heard that they were!). You can go to the Vineyard to do yoga, hike, for wine tastings, and take romantic walks. The vineyard also houses weddings, and I don't see why anyone wouldn't get married there: it's simply gorgeous. I felt like I had stepped into a completely different world (think: A Walk In The Clouds). I sat under a tent and watched their Sunday entertainment (they have amazing bands perform there, as well as "vintage baseball games"!). This Sunday (and every other Sunday) the soulful songbird Liz McNicholl and The Crickstones played a variety of music ranging from Bluegrass to Grateful Dead to their original work (album coming out soon! I'll keep you posted) to John Prine and Bonnie Raitt. The really friendly and sweet people watching the show all brought their own picnics, drank McLaughlin wine, and chatted with each other. I had the best time watching the outstanding band, laughing with the audience, and sitting in a gorgeous setting. If you need something relaxing and lovely to do on a Sunday afternoon, check out McLaughlin Vineyards!

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