ModCloth will be the death of me. How, how, how can I resist this dress? The Heidi Dress. When I was little I once went as Heidi for, well just because. I forced my mother to dress my brother in a cardigan and take pictures of us at my playhouse. I wore my hair in braids and most likely made everyone refer to me as Heidi. As recently as this year I wore my hair Yulia Tymeshenko style, it's a great way to not have to worry about hair for the entire day.

So, it's really no surprise that I adore this dress. It's so summery and perfect for picnics. Pull your hair up like Yulia (do two braids high on the sides of your head for a cheat version, and then pin them like a crown on the top of your head), throw this dress on and go for a "swing, [while] drinking lemonade from a mason jar," as reader Jen wrote us in an email. Collect wild flowers in this dress and keep them in your pocket. Or pair it with sandals and one of Up My Sleeve Boutique's Nantucket Lightship baskets (baskets which are traditionally decorated with scrimshaw and are used as purses on Nantucket).

right to left, "My First Nantucket Basket," "By the Sea Shore," and "I Love Lilly..."

For more information on the dress, and to buy click here.
For more information of the Lightship baskets and to buy click here.


  1. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for featuring our dress on your blog! This is one of my favorite new arrivals!
    <3 Aire

  2. Jenny,

    Thank you for including our nantucket basket purses in your blog. It is lovely meeting you and your blog is just wonderful!

    Up My Sleeve Boutique

  3. Aire-
    Thank you for coming by! I love this dress, I am drooling over it still! Olivia and I love, love ModCloth, so come back because I know there will be more of your items on the site, often I'm sure.

    Up My Sleeve Boutique-
    I love the nantucket basket purses so much! I wish my birthday hadn't just passed, what a bummer, what a person gift for a leo--especially the silver (golden) dollar one!

    xx Jenny