At the moment I am obsessed with two things-- Cameos and Silhouettes. They were on my mind when I stumbled across Vana's Etsy Boutique and then her beautiful blog. I love the oval glass necklace (1), linen custom silhouette pillow (2), and the custom silhouette locket (3).

As well as everything else on her Etsy. I also find it sort of disturbing/exciting/strange that one of her stock silhouettes looks just like me.Honestly, when I was about ten my grandfather made silver silhouettes of all three of us (Olivia, baby brother and me) and this number 23 looks exactly like it. I'll work on tracking down the necklace in my mother's jewelry box as evidence.

Point of the story being that I just love everything Vana is putting out into the universe, her blog, her etsy, her energy. Lovely work Vana, job well done.

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  1. Thank you Jenny, for all the wonderful words! Funny the girl looks just like you. She was a custom silhouette i did for a NYC couple. Perhaps the twin you never knew? LOL