Today Olivia and I will be giving out little brother our best collegiate advice, putting his bags in the car and waving goodbye as our parents drive him away and toward the airport. This exciting, and yet so traumatic, event got me thinking about flying and the perfect transit gift. I've compiled my list of travel essentials, but I hope if any of you, my lovely readers, have any suggestions you will let me know-- I always love new ideas.

  • eye mask, for napping and arriving amazingly refreshed.
  • hand sanitizer, because when walking through an airport and being on a plane one touches about 500 things they wish they didn't have to.
  • an overtly intellectual and intimidating book which can be pulled out in case of the emergency that the person next to you attempts conversation and you are not interested.
  • socks, to keep your feet toasty and clean on the plane.
  • Evian Water Spray, to rehydrate your face and skin as flying zaps the water right out of you.
  • moisturizer for hands, because between the plane and the hand sanitizer your hands might get very, very dry.
  • a wrap or wrap sweater, or big scarf of some sort, to throw around your shoulders, use as a blanket, put over the pillow, or even your head.
  • The New Yorker, New York Magazine, Country Living Magazine, Martha Stewart Magazine, Wired, etc.
  • a decorated brown lunch bag, which can stand by the traveler's feet and serve as a garbage, I always accumulate garbage during a flight and hate having to wait for the stewardess to come around with her garbage bag, this is the perfect fun solution.
  • yummy gum for take offs and landings!
  • And last, but not least, a personalized note, trinket or drawing from you--something to make them smile, but not something so sentimental as to make them cry. A little, funny drawing, a tiny toy (a top, a ball, a little toy animal) or a charm of some sort. Have fun with this item, go creative, enjoy figuring it out!

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