Tonight I finally got around to watching the second episode of this season's Mad Men. This episode (spoiler alert!) began with the musical number from Bye Bye Birdie in which Ann- Margret does her lovely thing and swears her love to Conrad Birdie. I grew up on this movie; Jenny and I used to replay the "Got A Lot Of Livin'" scene over and over and over until we had all the dance moves perfected. It's one of my all time favorite movies, and the music is unforgettable. However, what's really memorable is Ann-Margret's famous yellow dress she wears in the opening sequence.

Naturally, after the episode was over, I became obsessed with finding said yellow dress; it's a very unique dress for multiple reasons: a) it's a mustard colored dress (which happens to be an "in color" this season); b) there's a certain sexy-innocence to the dress; and c) it's a fitted bust with long sleeves, yet the dress is pretty short. I took this on as a challenge and here's the results. I couldn't find the perfect, ultimate dress, so in true Lovely At Your Side fashion, I plugged away until I found the perfect outfit which is reminiscent of Ann-Margret's famous attire.
1. Corinne Knit Dress-Mustard; 2. Single-wrap skinny belt; 3. Skinny Patent Belt; 4. Mustard Dress

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