For the record, I am a total believer in past lives. I like to think that once upon a history, I was a young, wild thing dancing through the streets of Lower Manhattan, singing in Speakeasies and giving men a run for their money and wit: I was totally a flapper in a past life. I wore my hair in a bob, I rolled my stockings down, and I drank til dawn (you think they served apple juice and vodka in Speakeasies? Probably not.) My inner flapper probably drank whiskey, while sitting on top of a piano and belting out the latest jazz tunes of the day. She most likely rode her bicycle around the city, eschewing any stereotypes that women couldn't ride on their own, her knees slightly showing, while she shouted to people on the street, "You're the bees knees!" Even though my flapper was sassy, wild, and free, she was also witty and could hold her own when it came to political discussions about Warren Harding; she probably outwitted Scott and Zelda as they stumbled into the speakeasy she frequented; and she could wax poetic with the best of the men on Hemingway and Ezra Pound. Simply put: she was a Flapper and a Philosopher, which is why the aptly named Flappers and Philosophers dress from ModCloth would have been exactly what I would have worn in my past life. This dress has just enough class and sophistication to allow the wearer to shimmy her way across town with the fringe on the skirt. The shape of this dress is fantastic and would no doubt look great on any wannabe-flapper. I adore this dress and I am so glad that even though the flapper era went out with the drop in the market, our fashion market is still producing these classic, yet wild, styles!

PS. Pair the dress with these art deco earrings and red feathered headdress for true flapper style!

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  1. I could have been your Charlie, Capone, or Fitzgerald...