While I know Olivia is going apple picking, a not taking me, cough cough, and not berry picking, I still want to buy her Mod Cloth's adorable Berry Basket Dress for her adventure, which I'm not invited on, this weekend. Olivia would look so sweet in this with her jean jacket, and as she walked and walked and picked and picked, the strapless dress would be a great advantage. She'd keep her cool in the orchard all day. She could wear the dress to a post picking lunch, as I imagine apple picking makes you very hungry, I have to imagine because I'm not invited.

She could then wear that pretty pattern to start in on a number of apple recipes, I for one am pushing for all American Apple Pie. I'll accept that as an apology for leaving me out of apple picking.

For more information, pictures and to buy the Berry Basket Dress, click here.

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