Hi all, I'm stealing the thunder today on Jenny's usual Lovely Dress of the Day. You ever have one of those moments where you have to find an outfit for something and you're thinking about it in your head, you go to your favorite website and it's like your dream outfit manifested itself right before your eyes? That's exactly what happened to me today while browsing ModCloth. I was really just looking for school clothes that were versatile and non-seasonal, but somehow (shocker) I ended up in the dress section and came upon something wonderful: The Bluegrass Festival Dress! I have some festivals coming up in the future which I'm looking forward to actually going to and this dress would be a perfect addition to my travels. As the website says, I'm all ready to "Kick [my] heels into the ground and throw [my] head to the sky as [I] dance to the lively tinker of bluegrass in this pretty plaid dress." Why do I think this is a perfect Bluegrass Festival dress? Okay, I know it's not the most feminine, form fitting dress, but lovelies, you're at a Bluegrass Festival! This isn't the time to worry about form and figure, this is the time to kick around in cowgirl boots, throw those wild curls in some loose braids, roll those 3/4 length sleeves up and if you aren't strumming on your own guitar, than you're shaking a tambourine and singing along with the music under the stars. Bluegrass festivals go all night long, so this dress is perfect for curling up and listening to music, slowly falling asleep on a flannel blanket while the banjos twinkle, the dobros hum, and the cowboys whistle. This dress would be perfect with your boots, or barefoot, or even with adorable black flats; the pockets in the dress are the perfect size for holding your picks, harmonicas, or that rare wildflower you find hidden under your guitar case.

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  1. Hi Olivia,
    Thanks for a great write up on our dress! We appreciate all of your support. Have fun at your festivals!
    <3 Aire