I spent the better half of the morning looking for inspiration-- I jumped from Louise Brooks to Claudette Colbert to Ingrid Bergman. Nothing was working. Finally, I turned to Etsy, which lead me right in the right direction. To the Floral Sweetheart Cocktail Party Dress from Make Me a Dress, which went perfectly with my current inspiration for life, fashion and the pursuit of happiness: these shoes. The "Destiny," has anything ever been truer-ever? No. Yes, they are Paris Hilton shoes. Yes, I am ashamed. Yes, I do absolutely need them. A suede peep toe pump with a satin bow? And where I saw them (at Marshall's) they were $39, not closing in on $100. So this dress is not only entirely lovely, but it would give me a purpose to own the shoes, wear the shoes, love the shoes. But back to the dress. The sweetheart strapless look is one of my personal favorites, additionally the bodice looks well fitted, which promises the dress won't slip and serve as a distraction from the skirt of the dress (hello gorgeous vintage fabric) and your gorgeous heels. I love the contrast of the sleek black bodice against the flowery, full skirt-- it creates drama and interest. Wear it to a wedding, cocktail event or party of any sort (what a fantastic birthday dress!) and stand out, stand tall and enjoy your one of a kind dressFor more information, pictures and to buy the Floral Sweetheart Dress, click here.

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