I was all ready to do a post about school supplies (and how much I love shopping for them, especially as a teacher...I literally clapped my hands in joy today while opening up a giant box of supplies for my classroom), but I got this beautiful email from an old friend and had to write about it! It's thrilling to know that Lovely At Your Side is read by people all over the country, even more thrilling is when people suggest things for us to check out (seriously, keep the suggestions coming!). My friend Jen emailed me about her father, Mr. Hudon, and his gorgeous woodwork. As soon as I clicked on his Etsy store, I sighed: why don't I own a house yet to fill with these gorgeous pieces?! I fell in love with his wooden catchalls; they are so classic and beautiful looking, all the while, totally useful! I would love to have one of these on my desk at school to throw paper clips, thumbtacks, and mail into. His valets are easily adaptable from a desk catchall to a jewelry holder, bread and cheese plate, tea caddy, or due to the fact that they are beyond gorgeous, to hang on the wall of a kitchen and give some character to the room. I absolutely adore that they are handmade, and you can easily see the heart and passion that he uses to create each of his items. His pieces would easily fit the style of any house, whether it be my favorite, country cottage, or even in a modern decor setting. These handmade catchalls are traditional pieces which every house needs and would no doubt quickly become a family heirloom.

PS. Check out the other items he made on his website. I literally sat, mouth agape, for too long today staring at these pieces. They are truly gorgeous pieces of art with such life in them!

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