We all love to give food as gifts; whether it's chicken soup to a sick friend, cookies to say "thanks," or holiday cake to your mother in-law...but how awkward is it to attach a card to a box of cookies? The over-sized rectangle just never looks right on top of a box of brownies or a cake.

Well, with this set of 5 hand-stamped "From the Kitchen of..." cards, you can perk up your packages in one easy step! Each of these beautiful hand-stamped cards comes with a hole in the top so you can string baking twine, ribbon, lace, etc. through the note and tie it beautifully around your baked goods to make the package look professional, delicious, and like it is straight from the bakery!

Each card is 5x4 inches and the colors vary. All of them are bright and beautiful colors which are ready to pump up your food-gift. You need these for all your delicious baked goods today! Enjoy! Yum!

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