As Olivia mentioned in a previous post, our absolutely wonderful cousin Katie has recently become engaged to her creative and handsome now fiancee Rocco, and the whole family has gone into wedding lock down mode. Wedding is all over everyone's mind, I mean after all, we only have 14 months to plan the wedding of a lighting designer and a costume/set designer-- the wedding needs to be impressive, beautiful and above all else unique. I find myself entirely preoccupied by venues, menus and something blues, which brings us to today's Etsy Find of the Day. Heather the retired chef turned momma turned creative charmer who operates Cherry Creek Charms provides beautiful custom made bouquet charms on pretty blue ribbons for the perfect completion of any wedding, "something old, something new, something borrowed and something..." from Cherry Creek Charms. Heather offers precious customized charms with the bride and groom's initials as well as the date of the wedding in a number of clearly considered styles to compliment many different wedding styles. I think for Katie and Rocco I'd have to go with number 2, the minimal style, I like that it has two charms with such a modern yet classic flair.

1. Chery Blossom Wedding Bouquet Charm, 2. Minimal Wedding Bouquet Charm, 3. Wedding Bouquet Charm.

What a perfect commemorative gift for the bride, she can frame the entire piece or remove the ribbon and hang the charms on a necklace, charm bracelet or even convert them to a pair of earrings. A gift that is truly Lovely for life.


  1. It is kinda crazy how fast everyone went into wedding planning mode. I love the idea of the charms.

  2. Mommom has thanksgiving menus dating back to 1972, the women of our family don't do anything small. We're so excited about you two!! xx.