When teaching, the clock becomes your best friend. As with cooking, every single second counts in the classroom. You have to get every word in edgewise until the last second that the clock strikes and it's time to go. I love clocks; I love that they have faces and distinct personalities; I love that they can be modern, classic, lovely, or a mix of all styles. We need clocks; humans crave the acknowledgment of time and wax poetic on the passing of time. And, with teaching or cooking, a clock face has to be big enough to catch a quick glimpse of from across the room. This is why I adore the lovely style of the Antique Style Tuscan Roman wall clock from S.W. Clock Company. Each clock of theirs is handpainted, styled, and made to look antique. The clock is wooden and detailed to look like it is framed; I love the subtle tones of the gold and black. This clock is 30 inches, works with one double-A battery and is able to be hung on just one nail. Sounds lovely and perfect for any room in a house, school, place of worship, barn, shop, or even greenhouse. S.W. Clock Company "is known for their superior craftsmanship in making truly unique and one of a kind wall clocks. Each clock is hand crafted and intricately detailed, as it goes through a series of aging treatments, to achieve a one-of-kind antique work of art that is unique as the person it is intended for. Incomparable in workmanship and quality, S. W. Clock Company assures perfection. That quality is reflected both in the wall clocks they create, and in the people whose artistic talents they rely on to hand craft them. S. W. Clock Company’s timepieces inspire antique elegance while accentuating today’s home d├ęcor." What a lovely way to tell the time all the while remaining a beautiful piece of art, ready to be hung on any wall!

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