I love my friends. I don't love when it's their birthday and I'm not close by enough to celebrate with them. This is why, when I saw the Lemon Poppy Seed Jumbo Vegan Cupcakes with Buttercream on Etsy today I knew it would be the perfect resolution to being far away from the friends on their special days. How does this help their celebration, you may wonder? Well, The Cupcake Mint has a genius idea and I think that any flavored cupcake from their store would make a perfect in-the-mail-surprise-birthday-treat! The Cupcake Mint is a totally one-of-a-kind store; first of all, all their recipes and treats are Vegan (making this a perfect little gift-treat for your vegan lovelies!); second of all, when they ship your treats, they don't ship them with the icing and decorations on them. At first glance, when I saw this, I was sort of bummed. The idea of getting a plain cupcake in the mail was sort of sad to me; however, when I saw their reason why: "Due to the nature of shipping these cakes will be shipped with the icing on the side for you or your recipient to decorate with themselves...Our cupcake experience is interactive & there is lots of room for creativity!" I knew that they were onto something brilliant.

Let's say you live far away from your favorite girl from college. It's her twenty-something birthday and she's in a distant city. You can send her this set of four cupcakes, she will get it in the mail, and she can use all the ingredients it comes with (icing and decorations) to not just simply eat the cupcake, but to make a memory in decorating the cupcake as well. Perhaps she can call you, and on speakerphone, or Skype, the two of you can relive college memories while she decorates her cupcake. What a lovely idea! These cupcakes aren't just an edible present, but a gift that truly says, "I'm thinking about you and I want you to take a moment, stop, and enjoy the icing!"


  1. That's a cute idea! If you're IN New York City, however, I recommend the following:
    http://www.cupcakestop.com/ Cupcakes in a truck!

  2. If you're in New York City Shannon of the CupcakeMint will deliver your cupcakes for you!!! No reason to miss out on her INSANE DELICIOUSNESS!!!!