There's nothing lovelier than taking care of the world around us, which is why today's Lovely Etsy Find of the Day isn't just a great gift idea, but a novel approach to help save the world we live in. Little Sapling Toys creates simple, gorgeous, and classic wooden toys and games for young children. They work mostly with organic materials, even their wood finish is made from a "local beeswax and organic jojoba oil finish." I honestly don't see why people wouldn't only buy their children toys from here! Why would you want your precious baby to be using teething rings made of vinyl and plastic when they could be teething on natural products which don't have chemicals in them!? I absolutely adore this set, "Organic World Building" blocks which can be used alone or as an addition to other building blocks. I love the irony in the blocks; they are natural wooden toys for children shaped like some of the most intricate and manufactured edifices in the world.

The best part of Little Sapling Toys is that for every purchase made, they plant a tree through Trees for the Future! So, while you are aiding your child in having the healthiest life possible, Little Sapling Toys is taking care of the rest and making sure that your healthy little ball of love will grow up in a strong environment, full of giant trees to read, play music, picnic, and fall in love underneath. I wish more stores lile this existed; they are giving back to the community at large, and that's the loveliest thing anyone can do.

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