This weekend, following instructions by my grandmother, I made a giant, delicious meal consisting of brisket, soup, and baby carrots, among other delicious Autumn foods. As I was cooking I realized that a) I don't cook enough, and b) I need to start learning new recipes because I want a plethora of go-to-meals to cook on crazy school nights when I can't think of anything new. I love looking up recipes, writing down recipes on cards, and collecting recipes from my loved ones, but often times I'm stuck with a drawer full of disorganized recipes and when it comes time to really cook something, I can never find the recipe I want. This is why, when I came upon the Primitive Mustard Yellow Recipe Box from Creek Side Crafting, I knew it would be perfect for my kitchen. I love the country style of the box; it is a very non-obtrusive style which would look great in any country kitchen without detracting from the subtle style of the kitchen. This is a wooden recipe box, with the phrase, "Olde Time Recipes" written on the top. I love that it is homemade and every box is one-of-a-kind, almost like it was made just for your kitchen! I adore the sweet checkerboard and the stars add a very Americana look to the box. I would love to use this as my recipe box and collect all my most loved recipes in it; what a great family heirloom to pass down to your children and grandchildren!

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