Lovelies, I know it's usually Jenny who does the Lovely Dress of the Day, but we sometimes have different styles, and therefore, I'm simply just sharing this amazing find with you and not labeling it "The Dress of the Day." Sometimes, in between grading papers, making up quizzes, and writing homework on the board, my mind starts to wander. Today it wandered over to J. Peterman; I happened to get an email from them about their gorgeous one-0f-a-kind pieces that they sell, but as always, my cursor made it's way over to the dress section. J. Peterman makes and sells a dress called "The 1947 Dress." I've always been a little too nervous to buy and try it (it's a tad out of my price range), but there is something so feminine, yet powerful, about the dress that always intrigued me. Usually the dress comes in solid colors, you know, the usual blacks, browns, and reds, but today, I came across something magnificent.

I happen to be going to Vermont in a few weeks and I was just lying in bed last night thinking, "I know one wears hiking clothes, puffy vests, and comfortable jeans while in Vermont...but what about dresses? What's an appropriate dress for traveling through Vermont?" Well, my Lovelies, apparently manifesting thoughts of perfect dresses does work because J. Peterman answered my dreams and decided to print The 1947 Dress in a gorgeous red and black plaid. How perfect would this dress be for late nights walks along the woods, or drinking hot cider while browsing antique shops, or picking out new boots at the local boot shop (god, I hope there is a local boot shop), or buying local fruit at the farm stand? This lovely dress has real pearl buttons, three quarter length sleeves (as not to damage your sleeves while making apple sauce, candles, or gardening) and with it's wide sweep and feminine neckline it is sure to look amazing on any woman, whether in Vermont, New York, or Minnesota.

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