There are many, many things I love in this world. And one of them happens to be luggage. I so desperately wish I could travel with beautiful non-rolling luggage, but this would require 1. someplace to go, and 2. a porter. I've always loved the idea of a steamer trunk-- an upright trunk that opens up into a wardrobe, I'm sorry is there anything better in the universe?

Well, competing with it, in concept alone, is the Saratoga Trunk--a round topped wooden and leather or metal trunk whose purpose was to hold the exact amount of clothes one would need for a summer season at Saratoga Springs, New York. I just love that concept-- that the trunk was fabricated specifically to last a summer. I want a trunk for a summer, and then I'd like someone to fill it for me, push it behind me while I whip out my passport, and then I'd like a place to go for the summer. Who wants me? You've got nine months to prepare, until next June. Any takers?

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