A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive a visit from the terrific Tom, a true throw back. Tom is the type of guy who takes you to brunch, surreptitiously hides a copy of The Great Gatsby in your bag and then insists on referring to you as Daisy Bucchanan and himself as Nick Carraway for the rest of the day until you agree to read it. Nota bene: I loved it. So you can understand why Tom was more than happy to come visit the land of East and West Egg, and even agreed to exploring areas not mentioned in the book, what a gentleman.

Moreover, Tom is the type of guy who shaves with a straight razor, calls his elder's sir and still carries a Nikon FM2 SLR with real film. And he takes beautiful pictures on it. I couldn't help but share some of his shots of Northport and Huntington with you lovelies. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed my day with Tom.Looking down Main street towards the water in Northport.
Boats, boats, boats in Northport.Brunch at Mundays, in Huntington.Beautiful shot of Northport.

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  1. love the pics of Northport, my favorite place in the world. angela