I love J. Peterman. It's a totally unique company in that it doesn't display the clothing, in photograph, on their website or in their catalog, but they have drawings instead. I think this adds a certain romance to the idea of the item--like, it's been passed down through history, through books, and now it is here for you to see. The other reason I love J. Peterman is that they tell a story with each of their items. Every item they sell has a made-up backstory to it, which adds such character of the clothing item. When Jenny and I started Lovely At Your Side, we tried (as you can see) to emulate this romantic ideal behind J. Peterman's advertising. For every item of clothing we promote, we love to tell a story behind it: the "what could be if you wear this item" story. J. Peterman's stories always remind me of a time when lemonade was sipped on porches, weddings were under big tents with evening gowns, and people dressed to be a piece of art, not just for functionality. What else is lovely about J. Peterman? Their sales! While I'm the first to admit that their prices are a bit steep for me, their sales are incredible and if you keep up with their "last chance" pieces, you can get amazing deals.

Check out these lovely pieces which would perk up anyone's wardrobe:
1. French Frock Coat, was $189, now $62
2. Italian Shirttail Dress, was $129, now $48
3. Linen Safari Dress, was $119, now $42

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