Happy Friday, my beautiful readers! Olivia is filling her weekend with apple picking and pie baking, and I plan on visiting some museums and kicking around in cowboy boots-- what more could we ask for? Let's hope for many pictures of apples, Olivia in an orchard, and pies, pies, pies. Enjoy some things I'm loving as we usher in the weekend!

  • Bakerella's mini pancake muffins, I think I might just try this recipe this weekend, what an easy way to whip up a batch of pancakes and not be stuck in front of the stove! Host a brunch and enjoy your company, what a gift.
  • J Peterman's French Frock Coat, on sale from $189 down to $62--a steal price for a coat, and for J Peterman? Amazing. Plus, there's nothing that makes winter more glamorous or romantic than a white overcoat.

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