Upon looking for luggage to share with you lovelies I encountered an amazing new innovation by Hermes, one of my favorite companies I cannot yet afford, but one day will cloak myself in. Hermes calls it the "SilkyPop" bag, it looks like a little leather zippered wallet, which when opened pops out into a silk tote bag. Hermes does two things, leather and silk--bags and scarves, this amazing little accessory combines both. It's perfect for travel, throw one in your purse, even your pocket and be ready to buy whatever the day shall bring-- a baguette, a fat wedge of brie, and a bottle of wine, a bouquet of flowers, or a new cashmere sweater, and a pretty head band with an oversized flower. And for the bargain price of $960. Yes, one day SilkyPop, you and I will be united.

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