Hey Lovelies! Sorry about the major delay, between colds, Columbus day festivals, and the generally crazy that seems to fall upon Lovely At Your Side every Friday (there's big things in our future, babies! Things I hope you'll love!) sitting down and working somehow moved to the back of the list. In my infinite guilt and love, I share with you some things I love. Enjoy these while I plod away on further work, in my lovely cold induced haze--maybe the results will be quite interesting!

  • I think Natalie's Lentil Soup might just throw me back on the mend. My goodness, cheese, lentils and thick, hot, soup. I can't wait til noon to eat now.
  • The fun, funky and very helpful planners and list sheets from LobotoME, they have lists for packing, "honey-do'," dinner planning, babysitting and more--all with great, unique design. What a fun gift idea!
Okay my lovelies-- I will, will write more. Just after this headache, neck ache, eye ache passes. Being sick, not so lovely.

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