Morning Lovelies! Well, well, well...Glamour Magazine apparently is following in Lovely's footsteps and giving us all the heads up on how to dress like Betty Draper for less! On Glamour's blog, Slaves to Fashion, they wrote, "$50 & Under: Your Inner Betty Draper Is Calling" featuring the Carriage Tour Dress from our favorite store, ModCloth--it is very Betty Draper-ish and yet modern enough for the urban gal.

A while ago, here at Lovely, we featured a ton of gorgeous dresses that were reminiscent, not just of Betty Draper, but of all the Lovelies (Betty, Joan, and Peggy!) from Mad Men; check out the Lovely Dress of the Day: Mad Men Season Three Premiere Night and the Lovely Dress of the Day: Etsy Style Inspired by Ms. Draper herself.

What's your favorite Betty Draper Style? How about Joan Halloway? Peggy Olsen?

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