Sorry for the delay on posts today-- we were surprised this morning by a tremendous and terribly sweet (as far as we can tell) German Shepard. Our Pip is going wild inside while the German munches on snacks outside. Sadly Pip is a bit too excitable, thinking she is a big dog and plays too rough, which causes the German to play rough, and Pip is about 1/16th the size of the German. The police are on their way-- there is no name on the doggy, no number but some sort of "NY STATE, ALBANY" situation. If anyone knows of a German Shepard lost in the Western Suffolk County area, please, please contact us here at Lovely At Your Side. This dog has been in the area for a few days, but today was the first we could grab it. He/She seems to have an electric collar, so I imagine someone misses this pup very much.

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