Sometimes writing from home can be hard, between the dishes needing to be done, the laundry needing to be changed and a little puppy who makes finding a work flow incredibly impossible sometimes, I find myself, at moments, in need of a change of scenery. For me things like, writing, responding to emails, even brainstorming can seriously be aided by leaving the house and finding some place new and different to write. When I lived in Manhattan my go-to place was Think Coffee, the Bleeker street location was directly across the street from my last apartment and I would often find myself working through papers, Russian presentations and even (when there was a free moment, rare, rare, rare, I assure you!) essays, poems and the occasional short story. Maybe my mind works better when I have something I must tune out. Maybe it is inspired by all the people around me. Whatever the reason, it is a fact that I work better out of the house.

And so today, no longer a Manhattan girl, I find myself working on multiple posts, writing emails and trying to map out our next steps in the most Long Island of all Long Island places--the Smith Haven Mall. Yes, that's right. My lovely suggestion of the day is to get out of the house if you find yourself hitting a road block when it comes to work. Get out of the house, find a book store, a coffee shop, or, yes, even a mall. I do have to say-- to the malls credit: the work is flying out of my fingers. There's something very, very invigorating about working here. Maybe it's all the little girls in princess costumes for some event at the Disney Store. Or the teenage couples holding hands. Or the endless stream of people floating past me-- shopping bags in hand.

Whatever it is it's working, and it's my recommendation for you for the day-- change the setting, change the scenery and see what changes in you. Just for a day, just for an hour, just for a blog post.

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