So, this past Saturday night, E was playing a show and therefore, I thought, "Great, I have a ton of work to do anyway, so I'll cook dinner and do some writing while it's in the oven!" However, as it is with most things: easier said than done. We decided on Chicken Parmesan, so we ran out before the show, got all the ingredients, he quickly left and the first thought that popped into my head was "Why don't I clean the fridge out so I can put all my new food into a clean fridge?" Smart move, Olivia. He left at about 4:30 and by 5:15 this had occurred: a bottle of Italian lemon soda decided to literally jump out of the fridge and explode at my feet. Luckily my boots were handy, so I jumped into those and set to work. I hate broken glass (I mean, who loves broken glass?) and the floor was all sticky...but, suffice it to say, I cleaned it up in no time (okay, some time) at all and set to work on the Chicken Parm.

The recipe that I based my Chicken Parm (and let me warn you, I'm not really an Italian food expert by uh, any means, so this is all sort of trial and error) on is this recipe. However, I hate using bread crumbs for things, so I played around with some different ideas and came up with my own Chicken Parm recipe. I like to call this one, "Broken Glass Chicken Parm." Mind you, I don't really measure anything I give you full permission to throw away your measuring cups for this recipe and do as the Romans do, measure by feel and sight!

For the bread crumbs I make a mixture of seasoned bread crumbs, wheat flour, and Italian spices (I found a great Italian spice mix by Morton & Bassett). For the chicken, I used pre-cut sliced chicken breast pieces found in the regular poultry section of the grocery. As E says, any Italian meal is all about the Sauce, and while I didn't make my own today, I did pick up Victoria, (all natural ingredients!); also needed is mozzarella cheese, shredded Parmesan cheese, eggs, and olive oil.

After I make the bread crumb mixture, I wash the chicken (wash my hands!), crack two egg whites and one whole egg into a dish; whisk that together; get a frying pan, fill it with some delicious olive oil; turn on oven to medium-high heat. I dredge the chicken in the egg, then in the bread crumbs, and then throw it in pan! Easy as pie (or shall we say as fried chicken?).

After the chicken is done browning, throw it all in a baking dish; also into the baking dish: mozzarella on top of the chicken, the jar of sauce, more cheese, more cheese, and more cheese. Sprinkle some Parmesan on top of everything, throw in oven (350), give it about half an hour to forty five minutes. While you're waiting, go browse Lovely's store (wink!). Take out from oven and impress everyone in your life. It's the most simple, delicious, and not so unhealthy recipe! Even those who break jars can figure this one out...

Addendum: While making the pasta for this meal I nearly started a giant fire, who knew that a piece of fettuccine would flame up like a match? Despite all trials in the making of this meal, it was absolutely amazing, so easy to do, and I can't wait to make it again. The Parmesan added a slight crust to the top, the chicken was flavorful and juicy, and the cheese and sauce complemented each other to a tee! What a great "we're having people over tonight?!" meal!

*I apologize for the horrible picture; all I had on hand was my iPhone and I wanted to show everyone the broken glass disaster!

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