To me, Jenny, the fall means a few things-- apple cider and butter cookies from the Jericho Cinder Mill, my uncle coming in from Montana to warm the chilly season with bluegrass music, and, most importantly, bonfire, homecoming and my high school's fall fair, the Friends Academy Fall Fair (Saturday, October 3rd). My family has been attendance at homecoming since the 1960s when we first became involved with the school. In fact, I just found a picture of two of my favorite fall things, my uncle playing music AT the home coming fair. The fair was the crux to spirit week-- color day, decade day, and various other dress down days gave the week a relaxed feeling, and lots of events made for little time spent in class. The sight of rides going up symbolized this magical time when anything could happen-- who could say what wouldn't transpire around that big bonfire? Romance, friendship, drama-- it was all fair game on those chilly October evenings. I personally experienced everything from running into an ex boyfriend, to being bought an adorable piece of jewelry, to reconnecting with old teachers and meeting their adorable babies-- see anything can happen. So to prepare for my first year back since I've graduated, what a terrifying concept, I am making sure my outfit can with stand whatever this day of possibilities might blow my way.

I love the plaid flannel shirt dress (Snap Button Gingham Dress) from Forever21, it's warm and cozy and even matches my alma mater's colors (Go FA! Go red and black!). You know I don't go anywhere, anywhere, in the fall without my trusty jean jacket. And I fell in love with these boots from Zaas Vintage Boots, the color, the detail, the plush looking leather-oy. If the day's a little cooler pair the outfit with some cozy tights, or even a pair of argyle socks for a real homecoming look. Wear this comfy outfit for a day of reunions, rides and rice krispie treats, all the while knowing how effortlessly lovely you look.

For more information, pictures and to buy the the leather basket weave flat unisa cowboy boots, click here!
For more information, pictures and to buy the Snap Button Gingham Dress, click here!
For more information, pictures and to buy the tattered denim jacket, click here!

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