As Jenny posted before, today is World Teachers Day! Exciting as it may be, and as much as I totally and utterly adore being a teacher, sometimes being a teacher, like any job, can be stressful and tiring. It's especially stressful on those mornings when you have to look adult, mature, put-together, but also stylish and modern so that your students, their parents, and the other faculty respect you. Winter is the worst for getting dressed; it's cold, snowy, and there's usually tons of faculty parties to attend where one must look semi-formal, yet understated, all the while, trying to look serious and not too flaky while you are interacting with your bosses and parents' of students. After looking a long time for a good "Winter-time Faculty Party Dress" I came upon an old favorite store: The Gap. Classic clothing reinvented every year to make us working women look not-too-trendy, but very clean and classic, all the while staying young looking, yet mature (phew! And you see why getting dressed for these events is tiring?!). I especially like the Wool Blend Plaid Dress. It would be perfect (as shown in picture) with tights and boots; you could even pair it with a good, sturdy pair of black heels or classic flats. Any solid colored cardigan or little jacket, or even a blazer, would turn this day dress into a nighttime look. I would feel 100% confidant at my boss's house for a holiday party in this dress; it's not too short, not too low-cut, but still adorable and very sweet looking.

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