I am always, always looking for the perfect party dress, and with an influx of birthdays coming up in the fall, taking me through the winter and right into spring (wow, I just summed up nine months rather quick, didn't I?) I feel lucky that I stumbled upon this gem on Etsy. The accomplished Miss Brache has set out to make all women feel wonderful, and I think she's hit the mark over and over again, the Party Dress included.

This dress, in its perfect shimmering navy cotton, has amazing dimensions which transform it from a birthday party at ACE bar, with cowboy boots on your feet and a pool cue in your hand to a bon anniversaire at the Russian Tea Room, with a beautiful pair of heels and a glass of Russian champagne in your hand, even to an intimate year-older dinner for two at Tomoe Sushi on Thompson, with a pair of lovely, comfy flats to stand on the ever present line. You are reassured that the dress will fit you just perfectly, as Miss Barache herself asks for all your dimensions and the dress is custom made for y-o-u. You will look effortlessly put together wherever and whenever you go, never forget fit is half the battle to looking good. Maybe more like 65%, actually. If it fits, you've already accomplished the most difficult part of the ensemble--then onto accessories!

And while I love the red petticoat, I am glad it is sold separately as it adds an element of drama one does not always need. Your amazing pool skills should be enough drama at ACE bar, your ability to order perfectly in Russian (or French!) at the tea room (even if it is just "Vodka!") and your sparkling eyes should be enough at Tomoe. Plus, the sweetheart neckline frames shoulders and your face to perfection, and the delicate (and thank god, removable--nothings worse than a waist belt after a big meal, right lovelies?) while belt cinches the waist, adds a bit of romance, drama and intrigue to the beautiful navy number. So enjoy the many lives the dress has in it, wear it over and over again to birthday parties and anniversaries of birthdays, to fabulous soirees celebrating marriages, break ups, move ins and moving ons. To first birthdays and first drink birthdays. To bars with sawdust on the floor and cafes with crystal on the tables. But wear this dress proudly, invent it and reinvent it year after year. And I promise, lovelies, it will never fail you.

For more information, pictures and to buy the Party Dress from Miss Barache, click here!

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