I love a dress with a little movement. When I was working as a hostess it was a good day when I wore something a little fun, which got the customers smiling, and got me smiling in the floor to ceiling mirror as I walked back to my hostess stand. A brilliant fringe flapper dress I picked up on decent sale at Express served the purpose exceedingly well-- fringe is great because it accentuates every movement, just sliding back to answer the phone or get more menus became fun, added a little drama to the day. And when I was living in the city and left myself just five minutes to get ready to meet friends, this dress was always my go-to. It was fun no matter what, and could be dressed up with heels and dressed down for a funky look with cowboy boots (duh, right?).
The "Dance Until It's Tomorrow" Dress from Modcloth might just be the next generation of my flapper dress (which still hangs in my closet, no worry lovelies!). The navy silk of the dress is absolutely stunning, but add upon that the wonderful brush of silk across the left side of the dress. Dance the night (and day!) away letting that beautiful silk do all the talking for you. Throw your hands in the air and scat along with Ella Fitzgerald. Two-step it to Allison Krauss. Impress everyone singing and dancing to the entire Blueprint 3 album. Or blush and laugh, jive and jitterbug to the Two Man Gentleman Band until the sun comes up.
For more information, pictures and to buy the "Dance Until It's Tomorrow" Dress, click here.

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