I think I do declare Wednesdays "Wedding Wednesdays." Everyone around us seems to be getting engaged, taking the plunge, etc--I know many fabulous, and seriously different, young women getting into marriage planning mode, Katie, Laura, and Mem being just a few, who might just appreciate what I have to add on the topic of weddings...then again maybe they won't. It's Wedding Wednesday anyway.

Yesterday, during our walk, Olivia and I were discussing one of our favorite topics-- "why things cost so much," and we were focused on weddings. "Why can't brides just choose a dress from the floor at Bloomies? Why does it have to be an awful "Bride's Maid Dress" from the Bridal Collection?" I quipped.

"Yea," Olivia agreed, "Why, can't it just be like, from Aqua?" And then I felt a tremendous amount of pride, and thought maybe I should email Julia Allison, because I know that's where my vintage loving sister found out about Aqua.

And why can't a bride's maid be dressed in Aqua? They are great-- I will concede, you cannot get a dress to match the exact shade of the Bride's eye shadow, or the center flower in her bouquet, or the band around the edge of the salad plate--but the colors they offer are bold, beautiful and often a black and/or a navy, which is a fantastic neutral.

This Aqua Belted Party Dress can be bought for well under $200, it's classy, classic and there's nothing I love more than a short dress for a black tie event. It's the avant garde part of me, I suppose.
If you're not a boundary pusher like myself, and are planning a fancy wedding, this Aqua Long Chiffon One Shoulder Dress fits the bill. The colors offered are limited, but lovely. The cut is surprisingly flattering for many body types, a pregnant bride's maid would have the support of the one shoulder and the advantage of the empire waist. A Twiggy shaped maid of honor would enjoy the flounce and bounce of the chiffon. A bride could even score the white version for a wedding dress solution under $300.

So, Aqua, I'll have my eye on you. I'll be coming for you, for your pretty patterns, your sweet solids, your beautiful belted looks and your lovely event ensembles. Watch out.

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