Two things I love in this world are re-interpretations and the ability to be re-worn. It's my own form of environmentalism, reduce, reuse, recycle. Re-interpret, re-wear, re-look fabulous. My college roommate Stephanie would be so proud. There's nothing I love more than buying a great dress for Halloween, looking absolutely lovely in it and then getting to wear it again whenever you want, or as the occasion calls for it. When I was 11 my cousin Katie had her sweet sixteen on Halloween--the very, very stylish 11 year old I was went as Holly Golightly in the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany's. After trick-or-treating I removed my costume accessories and changed my shoes and slipped right into party mode. When I was a sophomore in college I bought a blue and white polka dot dress for Halloween, went as a 1950's house wife and wore the dress with cowboy boots and a jean jacket for the rest of the fall.

This Halloween Olivia is going as Dorothy at the request of some of her students, that got me thinking-- how far can we get away from the Judy Garland Dorothy look, into something you'd actually re-wear and still have people know who you're dressed as?

Pair any of these dresses (1. Mariner Dress, 2. Tikirani Stripe Pinafore Dress, 3. Ginger Rock Dress) with a white button down (with a peter pan collar even!) or white leotard. Braid or pigtail your hair, carry a basket with a stuffed (or real, come here Pip!) dog. Most importantly, rock red shoes! Anything from red pumps, to ruby flats, to a pair of blood orange cowboy boots! Or, if you want to go really literary, and less cinematic, shine in silver-- never forget L. Frank Baum wrote Dorothy in magic silver slippers, not ruby!

Not only will people love your creative interpretation of a tried and true costume, but you'll be left with a dress you will re-wear, money well spent on a piece which enhances your wardrobe. Moreover, whenever you wear the dress you can carry that Halloween spirit with you throughout the year. And maybe some of that candy.

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