I know this dress doesn't actually match the Wonder Woman costume. I know. But there's something about it which is just so reminiscent of it. Makes me want to wear thick gold cuffs and a gold crown (thank God my costume includes a crown!). I like the Alter Ego Dress from Modcloth as a Wonder Woman costume because it is sexy, powerful and yet not overly or overtly sexy-- you will be dressed in this costume, you will be appropriately dressed in this costume. Match it with some great red boots, which you will wear over and over, I promise, an authentic Wonder Woman crown, and for a little added warmth throw on a cape! Wonder Woman out and up, lovelies!

Gold Cuff, Forever21; Red Boots, JessAmity on Etsy; Wonder Woman Crown, Costumes Inc.

For more information, pictures and to buy the Alter Ego Dress, click here!

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