Today, when I began my search for my Lovely Dress I went to type in "" into my browser. Whoops.

Anyway, with Halloween right around the corner I've decided to make sure that every dress this week has a re-purpose as a Halloween costume, and because I really DO love you lovelies so, I've tried to find dresses from popular mall stores. So that you don't have to order things off line so close to the holiday! Just run out to the store. See I really do think of you babies!

Sometimes when I panic I call my good friend Alex, also known as Sasha, alias Alpal and Sashki, she is calm as a cucumber while she talks me through whatever issue is at hand-- and the other day is was costumes. We threw ideas back and forth until she hit upon an adorable, adorable costume idea-- which I'm sharing with you loves right now-- a lumberjack costume.

What a fantastic re-purposing idea--plaid is in right now and plaid tunics are huge! Throw together a plaid tunic or dress, black tights (or "denim" leggings!) and some imposing boots, black lace ups, or hiking boots, something of the sort. Top the look off with a knit cap or a faux fur hat and a big plastic ax from the costume shop.

Natalie Dress, Abercrombie and Fitch; Fleurish Shirt Dress, Macy's; Women's Plaid Belted Shirt Dress, Old Navy.

Lord and Taylor, Urban Outfitters, Gap.

Get the ax here, for under $6!

Lumberjack is a great re-wearable, recyclable costume -- the only piece you might not reuse is the ax, and for a piece which so clearly brings the costume together and its low, low price, it's worth the potential one night only use!

I'd love to hear your costume ideas, or re-purposing ideas! Bring them on lovelies!

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