In thinking of great costumes for great lovelies, I can't help but be inspired by great women. Amelia Earhart jumped into my head, despite her mysterious disappearance, Amelia was a brave, smart and inspiring woman. And I think she would make a fantastic costume with lots of part to re-purpose.

Belted Tweed Dress, Charlotte Russe; Fleece Bomber Jacket, Charlotte Russe; Vintage Leather Brown Lace Up Riding Boots, Santoki Vintage via Etsy.

Match this fantastic, very Teddy Roosevelt generation tweed dress, which you can wear all through fall especially with a leotard underneath, with a leather jacket-- a bomber works best, but any that's sort of cropped at the waist will give the same feel. Accessories with brown or grey leather boots and a white scarf. Top the outfit off with the probably won't be re-purposed part you can buy at the costume shop--an aviator cap and goggles...which I looked for everywhere, there's a surprisingly small number out there. And the "Amelia Earhart" kits are ALL sold out. Or out of stock. Does this mean there will be a ton of Amelias running around? We'll see I suppose! Let us know how many Amelias you see running about, or rather flying... I'll report back too!

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