So, to finish off this week with a bang not a fizzle, I had a brilliant beyond brilliant idea. I started in on this costume for '60s housewife, but was chafing a bit under my feminism--how did i feel about that, about making that a costume? I couldn't place it, but it just felt wrong. This dress from Target's Xhiliration line for $24.99 had to stay though, because it looks just like a lot of Modcloth dresses I've posted but for under $30! So I thought about it. And then I realized that this girl, with her party dress, silk pumps and little white gloves was not necessarily anything but Lovely. She was A Lovely. So today's Halloween costume is self promotion.

Wear this "tea party appropriate" costume or anything else that makes you feel Lovely-- a little dressy, a little special and when people ask what you are tell them "I'm a Lovely," or for a little Cole Porter giggle tell them "I'm de Lovely." And when they said "What's a Lovely" tell them to go to, self promotion.

Fine, fine that's not enough incentive for you? I can do better, I can go lovelier. Send Olivia and me a picture of you dressed up as a Lovely for Halloween and we will send you a lovely gift bag surprise. So, get out there and get ready for the Lovely holiday! Go, go my lovelies!

Juniors' Xhilaration® Prom Party Tank Dress, Women's Vintage 1950's White Gloves, Miss Me Vernice Satin Platform Pumps

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