As you know, here at Lovely At Your Side, we simply love statement necklaces. Statement necklaces can turn a ho-hum outfit into a stylish ensemble ready for the catwalk. What else do we love at Lovely? Amazing women with adorable apartments. October. Birthdays. Oh, and of course hanging out with your dearest friends playing board games. Why do I bring this all up today? Well, it's my best girl's birthday today and she happens to have the most lovely pad in the middle of Manhattan and adores playing board games, specifically: Connect Four. When I say she adores playing Connect Four, it would be a harsh understatement. She's like the reigning queen of Connect Four; she should live in the Connect Four-tress. For, you don't mess with the queen of Connect Four, she will end you and you will end up on the floor, plastic pieces scattered about, not having a clue what whirlwind just hit you.

This is why, when I found the Connect Four necklace from Shiny Bits, I know I had to highlight it right in time for her birthday. This lovely and very stylish necklace is a "collection of 16 circles form a flexible 3"x3" square. The square hangs from a rolo chain, with two connector rings that allow it to be worn at either 16" or 18." I love the simple and beautiful style of this piece; it would look great with a white t-shirt and jeans or an evening gown. I know my best girl would wear this with a wrap dress, boots, and jean jacket. She'd rock New York City like no other wearing that get-up! So, happy birthday to my best and if you ever cross her, don't sell your soul (or bet this necklace!) that you'd win at Connect Four, 'cause I guarantee you, you won't.

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