I love giving old fashioned gifts. I love the traditional gift. I love classic, yet original presents which have made people happy since the days when Cowboys swept in on their stallions and handed a bouquet of wildflowers to ladies in aprons hanging clothing on a clothes-line. I find it so much easier to buy presents for the women in my life; jewelry, flowers, tote-bags, dresses, and stationary are all sweet presents which would make any woman happy, but they are exactly that: gifts for women. But, what to get the men in your life as a little "I adore you" gift? I've decided that one of the best presents to get a man in your life is a handkerchief; handkerchiefs are the new way to go green, you can reuse them as many times as you want, throw them in the wash, and you're not wasting any paper towels or tissues. One of the reasons I love Etsy is that their price range is huge; you can buy anything in exactly the price range of which you are willing to spend. While looking for a perfect, handsome, and old-fashioned handkerchief for the men in my life, I came across a few gorgeous ones. The Brooks Brothers Irish Linen Handkerchief is simple and very traditional, but a little out of my price range. However, if I'm going to get one of my men a special gift, I would want it to be completely unique to them; I would want it personalized. This is why I love the Initial Handkerchief from The Custom Stitch. I adore the simple initial on the plain white background; it's very classic, yet personalized and unique to the person. You can choose the stitch color and frame around the monogram to make it a it one-of-a-kind present for that adorable guy in your life. And, the price is great! What a sweet present to get for someone for only $7.95! I'll definitely be ordering a few of these for the holidays; what a perfect stocking stuffer, or even wrap some candy in one and leave it with a little love note in their briefcase before a long commute and day at the office. Your brothers, fathers, fathers-in-law, best guy friends, or even colleagues will surely love this lovely present made just for them!

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