As loyal readers and friends know, I am slightly obsessed with the holiday season. I love holiday music, decorations, food, and of course, shopping. Well, today I dove right into the holiday season and purchased the first holiday goods of 2009. I love decorating the tree; more than that, I love making my own ornaments. Last year, Jenny and I purchased wooden cut outs and got a bunch of silly family photos printed up. We glued the photos to the wooden ornaments, threw a little varnish on them, tied them with ribbon, and voila: a personalized tree! This year I decided I wanted to paint my own ornaments for the tree; I somehow came across Texas Art Craft's store and fell in love. I think a love of unpainted wooden items runs in the family; could it be genetic? Anyway, after sorting through amazing wooden cut-outs such as the Mythical Creatures set (wouldn't this look amazing in my classroom?!), the Lovely Teapots, and the Antique Cars set, I came upon the perfect ornaments for this years tree. This set of twelve wooden guitar cut-outs would be the ultimate ornament to decorate, paint, and hang for this year's holiday season. I could decorate them to be all sorts of brands; a vintage Martin, a Santa Cruz, a Parkwood (modeled after my Parkwood!), and of course a Gibson (the L-200 is my favorite and future guitar), Taylor, and a Washburn. How much fun is it going to be to research gorgeous guitars and mimic their beauty in a miniature form for my Christmas tree?! I simply cannot wait. I may even get a little wild and outfit these ornaments with real strings. Crazy talk. I'll definitely share the painting-party with you all when it may be a three-day event, we'll have to see.

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