As I'm sure you know by now, I love personalized gifts. I think getting a present for someone and adding personalization adds that extra little touch of making the gift from the heart, unique, and special. It seems to me that everyone and their sister is getting married recently; while I love weddings, going to a lot of weddings can get pricey! Not only is there the wedding, but one has to attend a bridal shower, bachelorette party, engagement party...I'll be so broke from attending weddings that I won't have enough for my own! I kid, I kid. But, seriously, people always think that great gifts have to be contraire, my Lovelies!

I came across these lovely personalized wooden napkin rings and immediately thought of what a great engagement present they would be. From the store Dawnberries, this set of 4 wooden napkin rings can be engraved with a name, phrase, or even a graphic. The wood is natural and uncoated with anything (and we all know how I feel about unpainted wooden objects) which means that they are safe to have around food. I love the Country feel of these; they are sturdy, yet old-fashioned looking and delicate. Wouldn't these be a great gift for a new bride and groom with their new name engraved? Or, get their wedding date engraved in; or, maybe a little graphic which describes them; or, maybe even the address of their first house together? The possibilities are endless, and so much fun to think about. I know that when your friend opens this gift, despite the amazingly low price, she will see how much time and effort went into you coming up with a good engraving and these being hand-made for her!

What would you have engraved in your wooden napkin rings?

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