I love Norah Jones. I think she is one of the loveliest people out there. She's so real, gorgeous, and of course, one of this world's most amazing musicians. This weekend I watched an outstanding Norah Jones Concert DVD and while sitting here, gawking over how unbelievable she is, I decided, just for the heck of it, to type her name into the Etsy box...well, low and behold, something came up, and not just any old thing, but a gorgeous ring (and we all know how I feel about rings...they are pretty much my financial downfall)!

How lovely is the "Don't Know Why Ring" from Esmerelda Designs (whom, by the way is a fellow Long Islander!)? I love the sketched tree on the ring and the unique shape of the ring. I don't just love the ring, however, I love the description of the ring as well, "Listening to Norah Jones singing don't know why while making this ring. Sometimes its not easy to understand ones own choices...and that's all right. I carved a tree onto the ring, for sitting under and enjoying the journey instead of trying to explain it...and wrote enjoy the journey on the opposite side for good measure." That couldn't be a more honest statement! There's nothing lovelier than enjoying the journey in life and not worrying about the destination. I love jewelry with a message (remember my big summer purchase from Kathryn Riechert's store?) and this ring has it all: a beautiful image and a lovely sentiment to coincide with it. What a great present for yourself or someone you believe in!

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  1. Awwwww, thank you so much, Olivia. I am so honored you choose to feature the Don't know why ring on your beautiful blog!