Know what I'm loving on this beautiful day? "You mean the world to me" presents. I love those little gifts that you give your friends, lovers, parents, grandparents which they totally don't expect and brings that amazing smile to their face which never leaves your memory. This could be a book that they've always wanted, a CD which you know that they would love, a batch of fresh baked cookies, or maybe a pair of wool gloves to keep their hands warm while they drive early in the winter mornings. Random acts of little gifts for love aren't meant to be expensive, expansive, or time consuming. They should demonstrate that you not only love the person, but know them well enough to get them something which would make them grin. Today's Lovely Etsy Find of the Day is a perfect "Just because" gift. This custom stamped ring from one of our favorite stores, Of the Fountain is a silver plated ring on which you can have anything stamped onto it. What a perfect way to tell someone that you love them, are proud of them, for them to have a good day, or simply their monogram. And why is this a perfect rainy-day gift? It's only $5.95! The price of the ring, plus the shipping would be under $9! You can't get any more lovely than that! This is a great holiday present for all the special women in your life; buy these to remember a special time, place, or person; buy these to say thank you or I love you; buy these just because they are gorgeous, lovely, and a great price!

Who would you send this ring as a "just because" gift to...and what would you put on it?

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