Okay Lovelies, it is official: 8 weeks until Christmas! Uh, I don't know if I don't mention it enough, but I. Love. The. Holiday. Season. Since I've already started holiday shopping, I thought we would start together over here at Lovely. Everyday over here at Lovely we'll be highlighting a gift pick for specific people in our lives (think: moms, dads, brothers, best friends). But, Lovelies, I need your help! Do tell: who are you buying for this holiday season? I want to make sure we cover the gamut of gifts, and I need your suggestions in order to do that. So, please, speak up! Let us know who you'll be spending your money on this year.

Today's Etsy Find of the Day is a Lovely Present Pick for the grandmother in your life. Grandparents love to show off pictures of their grandchildren. What a better present to get for your favorite grandma than this Off White Rose Picture Frame from Cranberry Creek Hollow. I love the antique look of this frame; and the color would fit perfectly in any room. The sweet little rose on the top of the frame adds a very romantic element to the frame. What a perfect way for your grandmother to highlight pictures of her grandchildren's graduation, wedding, school pictures, or memories of visiting her in the summertime. I know both my grandmothers would love this frame; it's not too kitschy or silly looking, it would be a great addition to their homes. It's definitely one of those pieces that people would visit and say, "Where did you get that?! I love it!" So, get your grandmother the perfect present and maybe she'll actually admit this year that you actually are the favorite grandchild.

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