One of the trickiest presents to buy, I think, for the holidays is the present for your sibling's significant other. I think it's oddly hard to pick out a present for them for multiple reasons: 1. You can't get them a gift which is better or outdoes the gift your sibling gets them; 2. You don't want to cross that blurry line between "I think you're great for my sibling and I think you're a cool person" and "Oh my god, I love you in our family, marry my sibling." See my point? It's a tricky little gift to get perfect. But, I'm all for perfection in gifts, so here's what I think is the perfect present to get your sibling's S.O.

Let's start with the sister's boyfriend. This has to be a gift which says, "I like hanging with you and my sister; I think you're a great guy; and, I like getting to know you, so I will get you something which shows I sort of know your style." For some reason I'm really digging this Walnut Duck Call Style Key Ring/Toothpick Holder; I adore the dark wood color of it. It's a one-of-a-kind hand-turned item which would be sure to add class and style to any set of keys. This keychain, has "The body of this distinctive and useful key ring/toothpick holder, is walnut finished to a satin luster using friction polish and is accented in bright gold. " Sounds lovely and gentleman like! I love that it is also a toothpick holder; it's a gorgeous gift and multi-functional! Not only can it hold toothpicks, but it "could hide, toothpicks, floss, paper money, reminder notes, etc., inside the 10mm chrome plated brass tube used to insure personal hygiene when used as a toothpick holder or pill box." Your sister could throw little love notes into their new keyring! Lovely idea. Not only is this a great gift for your sister's S.O. but any brother, your S.O., dad, or grandpa would adore this gift as well.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's gift pick: Your brother's S.O.'s present!

PS. The bride-to-be, Cousin Kate's Fiance, Rocco, suggested that men like anything they can eat; so check out these great edible gift ideas I've stumbled across for your sister's SO: I love these Caramel Apple Cookies! They are adorable and sound so delicious! I'm also loving this Sushi Candy; what an ironic and fun gift!

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