As an older sister, I always want to make sure my younger siblings are safe, happy, and get wonderful holiday gifts. I love watching my siblings grow up and cultivate their own lives, and while I'm so proud of them for forging their own paths, sometimes I worry when I'm not there to make sure everything is okay. This is why I love the "Modern Feminine Evil Eye Cocktail Ring" from MerCurios; I may not always be there to protect my siblings, but if they wear this gorgeous, unique, and original evil eye ring, I know someone will be protecting them, even if I am miles away. I stumbled across this ring because I was doing a "Local Search" on Etsy and MerCurios is based off of Long Island; I fell in love with this ring. I love it's artistic, bold, yet understated style. The copper ring is sure to block all evil spirits! I love the organic nature of the ring; the curves and twists of the copper look so unintentional, yet are formed perfectly. What a perfect holiday present for your sisters, older or younger; they will love the mature look of the ring, and the original quality of it means that you picked it out specifically for them. Plus, as with any present you buy your sister, you have full reign to borrow it whenever you want! Lovely!

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  1. I was doing a Google search on "MerCurios" and much to surprise this lovely article appeared. What a beautiful post. Thank you for the kind words on our evil eye ring.