Happy Thursday, Lovelies...if today is Thursday, than tomorrow is our beloved Friday and the start to another three day weekend (thank you, Christoper Columbus!). Instead of doing a super long post about one specific item from Etsy today, I thought I would share my recent obsessions that I've stumbled across on my Etsy-travels. Some of these favorites I have searched for as gifts for specific people, others I've simply stumbled across, and some have been on the Etsy front page and I just couldn't pass up making them my favorite items. As always, I love, love, love suggestions from YOU about Etsy stores, so please, keep them coming! I'll be doing the majority of my holiday shopping on Etsy (uh, if you're on my holiday list of people I'm getting presents for, try to act surprised when you get your present after reading the post about it here. Ha!) so I need all the suggestions I can get about great stores!

I'm totally in love with The store Girls Can Tell; Girls Can Tell "is a Philadelphia-based creative screenprinting business. each item features original illustrations and diagram designs printed by hand." Her items are amazingly cool gifts for people; she does hundreds of diagrammed designs on a huge variety of household items. They are truly one-of-a-kind finds and would blow people away on Christmas morning. I've been eyeing the "banjos are the best - hand printed striped hand towels" and the "classic banjo coasters." I know a certain banjo player who would love to display these in his kitchen; not only are the diagrams beautifully done, but the items she chooses to print on are so well suited to the diagrams, classic, and simply lovely. Check out her other items, such as the "best burger ever - bottle opener," the "bicycle for two - large moleskine notebook," the "SLR camera super diagram mitt" and the "ultimate foodie farmers market tote bag." I adore her work! I just showed my students and they exclaimed, "Woah, cool!" You know you've made it when the young girls swoon!

I can't wait for the holidays to try my Aunt Helen's amazing "World Famous Macaroons" from the store Scooby Dog, named after their adorable rescued-dog. Every year at the holidays, I swear I'll only eat two of them, but somehow I end up eating approximately thirteen of them, and then some for breakfast the next morning. While scarfing down chocolate-chip macaroons for breakfast, I'd love to use these handsome brown "leather" coasters from Designs by Dona for my coffee. I love the leather look of these coasters, even though they aren't real leather, hence the amazing price! What a great holiday gift these would be for a best guy friend, boyfriend, brother, father, or grandfather. They would look perfect with any leather couch or in a ny living room or study.

These are some of my favorite Etsy finds this week! What are your favorite finds for this beginning of the Autumn?

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