Other dog, and cat, owners can probably attest to this-- you just know what toys are supposed to sound like in your little puppy's mouth. I can watch her with my ears in this way. Two weeks ago I heard something funny against her teeth and found her in the other room chewing in tinfoil. Yesterday I hear something which sounded off and found her right in front of my desk, out of eye shot, chewing on my cowboy boot. And just now I heard something clicking against her teeth and found her across the house (yes! I heard her across the house!) chewing on a piece of plastic from an errant toy. This is one reason it can be hard to get a work flow going (but totally worth the look when I find her, a "what, me?" look) it's also why I was driven to scour Etsy so lovely dog toys for her to chew on so I could write just one entry uninterrupted.

Additionally, a certain sweet little puppy.. who is way too quiet at the moment, uh oh.. has a birthday quickly approaching. She turns one on Sunday, October 4th! So this great 13 piece toy set, one piece for every month and a birthday bone, is a perfect gift for my little Pip. She would be so overwhelmed by the sheer number of toys dropped upon her head at once (that is the traditional means of gifting a dog toys, right? Raining them down upon her confused puppy head?). I love the special little pieces, seeing how each month is represented-- and I know Pip would too!

For more information, pictures and to buy this great 13 piece dog toy set, click here!

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  1. How adorable, and cheap too!!! I hope I find something as adorable for my little Daisy and Mason before they turn one next June :)